Citizen's Guide to Board Meetings

Board Meetings
Did you know? All Village Board Meetings are open for the public to attend?

Agenda Information

Copies of the formal agenda for each Village Board meeting are available the Friday preceding each meeting. They can be viewed at Village Hall or online.
Information regarding the Village or Agenda may be obtained by calling the Village Administrator’s office at (217)892-6802

Board Study Sessions

are the first Tuesday of every month and begin at 6PM in the Board Room - This is where the Board discusses items on the Agenda that will be up for a vote at the Board Meeting the following week.

Board Meetings

are the second Tuesday of every month and also begin at 6PM in the Board Room. Most discussion takes place at the Study Sessions to prepare the Board to vote at the Board Meeting.

The Board Room Schedule can be found at:
Did you know? All Village Board Meetings are recorded live and posted online?
If you wanted to attend a meeting but couldn’t, you can view the meeting online at:

Public Participation

A note from the Mayor:
"The Village Board welcomes and appreciates public participation at all Village Board meetings. 
At the beginning of every meeting any comments that a resident wishes to make will be heard. These comments may pertain to items on the agenda or can be more general. 

All you have to do is fill out the Public Participation Form located just outside the Board Room any time prior to the meeting and hand it to the Village Clerk, Mike Graham, at the meeting. 
Thank you for staying involved in our community!"


You can find the Public Participation form here or it will be available at board meetings. There is no need to turn it in ahead of time, however, it is permissible. 

Public Participation Rules & Procedures

During Board meetings, the Presiding Officer (generally the Mayor) will provide an opportunity for members of the audience to provide comments to the Board at a specified time.

Those wishing to comment should follow the following procedure:

  1. Fill out the Public Participation Form available here or at the Board Meetings.
  2. Hand the form to the Village Clerk, Janet Gray just before the meeting starts.
  3. The Mayor will announce when it is time for public participation and the Village Clerk will call names to the microphone.
  4. When your name is called approach the microphone.
  5. Address your comments to the Board as a whole; not to individual Trustees.
  6. Limit your remarks to three (3) minutes or less.
  7. The Board and staff will have time to respond if they choose. **Please note that a response is not required and you may be asked to get in contact with the individual staff member or public official relevant to your comment.

Disrupting Meetings:
No person shall interrupt, disturb, or disrupt any meeting of the Village Board. Upon direction of the Presiding Officer, any person determined to be disrupting the meeting shall leave the Board Room and Village Hall.

Certificates of Deposits

At the request of a Trustee, this information is provided regarding the maturation of Certificates of Deposits.   These documents include a listing of each CD and the date showing when it matured.  The following attachments then represent each of the funds where the CDs maturation amount was placed, and all of the revenues (debits) and expenditures (credits) for each of those funds in the same fiscal year the CDs matured and were placed into those funds.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Scott Eisenhauer or by call 217-892-6801.

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