2023 Ordinances

The Village of Rantoul has many ordinances that are not necessarily part of the Village Code. These documents are provided in portable document format (PDF) for ease of viewing and printing. To open a document, click on the ordinance number in the listing below. Each document will open in a new window. Additional ordinances, back to 1977, are available online. If you have any questions or cannot find the ordinance or resolution you are searching for, please contact Tana Ward at 217-892-6802 or by e-mail.

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Ordinance No. Description of Ordinance
2730 Ordinance - Approving Sale of Real Estate (604 Eagle Drive)
2731 Ordinance - Authorizing Water Pollution Control Loan Program
2733 Ordinance - Establishing Non-Emergency Assistance Fees
2734 Ordinance - Establishing Hazardous Material Emergency Response Fees
2735 Ordinance - Approving the Annual Budget for FY2023-24
3736 Ordinance - Readopt, Ratify, and Reaffirm License and Permit Fees and the Administrative Penalty Schedule
2737 Ordinance - Amending Chapter 20 Article IX - Offenses & Miscellaneous Provision (Vehicle Seizure/Impoundment)
2738 Ordinance - Amending Chapter 16 Article III - Non-Emergency Assistance Fees Appeals
2739 Ordinance - Amending Chapter 40 Schedule of Charges, Fees, and Rates for Wastewater Utility Services
2740 Ordinance - Amending Chapter 24, Article V in Connection with Employment Policies (Residency)
2741 Ordinance - Authorizing the Issuance of Tax Increment Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series 2023 (Evans Road Project)
2742 Ordinance - Contract for Purchase of Real Estate (705 Maplewood)
2743 Ordinance - Amending the Official Zoning Map (700 W Champaign Ave)
2744 Ordinance - Authorizing the Natural Gas Sales Agreement with the IPEA
2745 Ordinance - Approving the Sale of Real Estate (402 E Flessner Ave)
2746 Ordinance - Amending the Official Zoning Map (950-982 Broadmeadow Road & 825, 829, 867 Stone Bridge Drive)
2747 Ordinance - Authorizing the Acceptance of Real Estate (Chanute Parcel A2g-2d-2)
2748 Ordinance - Amending Village Code Chapter 16 Article II - Fire Department