Volleyball Leagues

Rantoul Recreation offers both Women’s Volleyball and Co-Rec League.  All players must be 14 years old or older. Players may only play on one team. Unsportsmanlike conduct towards officials or other players will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the game. All games are played at FORUM Fitness Center. We encourage you to assemble your team for a great season of recreational volleyball!

Team fee of $275 due at time of registration.

Women's League

Thursday Evenings 11/9/23-1/25/24

No games will be played 11/23/23 or 12/28/23

Co-Rec League

Thursday Evenings 2/1/24-4/11/24

No games will be played 3/14/24


1. Teams:

A. All players must be 14 years old or older. Players may only play on one team. There will be no team rosters. Players may transfer from one team to another with approval by the Recreation Department. All transfers must be made before any tournament begins.

B. Each team will consist of six players. Games may begin with four, five, or six players, but less than four at any time results in a forfeit. Teams starting a match with less than six players may enter their fifth and/or sixth player during any dead ball in the center/back position.

Note: In Co-Rec League Play if a team starts with four players no more than two (2) players of either sex may participate at one time. If a team has five (5) or six (6) players no more than three (3) players of either sex may participate at one time.

2. Coin Toss:

Choice of serve, receive, or playing side shall be done by a coin toss prior to the start of each match and, if necessary, prior to the third game of a match. Teams will alternate service and side from first to second games.

3. Game Time:

Game Time is Forfeit Time: There is NO grace period. After the first game of the match is forfeited the referee shall wait 15 minutes before the second game is forfeited. (Provided the team still has less than four players.) At this time the match victory will be awarded to the other team. After a forfeit the teams may practice on the court until five (5) minutes prior to the next scheduled match. Any team forfeiting two consecutive league games will be eliminated from the remainder of the schedule.

4. Official Match:

An official match is completed when a team wins two of three possible games. The first two (2) games of the match will be to 25 points, win by 2 points, rally scoring. The third game of the match (if needed) will be to 15 points, win by 2 points, rally scoring. There is no point cap.

5. Substitution:

All players on a team are not required to play in every game or match. However, if a substitution is made, that player must make a complete rotation (including the server's position). All substitutes will enter in the Center/Back position.

6. Timeouts: One timeout per team per game.

7. The Court:

A. Boundary lines are part of the court; any ball striking a line is good.

B. A player's foot may cross the center-line provided some part of the foot remains on or above the center-line. Any other part of the body contacting the opponent's court is a fault.

C. Contacting the net or any part of it, including the supports, while the ball is in play or while a player is completing a play, is prohibited unless the force of the ball by an opponent pushes the net or support into a player. There is no foul for hair touching the net.

A. A ball striking the ceiling or overhead obstruction on the opponent's side of the net extended upward or above a non-playable area is dead and side-out is awarded. A ball striking the ceiling or overhead obstruction on the side of the net occupied by the team which played the ball last and provided the ball is legally played next by the same team shall remain in play. Any ball striking the wall is dead.

B. Overlap: For determining service order and front and back row players, any part of the player's body touching the floor may not overlap any part of an adjacent player's body touching the floor, although they may be in line. This does not apply to the server, standing out-of-bounds.

8. Service:

A. The Right - Back shall serve from anywhere behind the end-line of their court and shall not step on a boundary line until after the ball is contacted.

B. A serve may NOT be blocked on the opponent’s side of the net. A served ball MAY NOT be attacked while the ball is above the top of the net.

C. All players, except the server, must be completely within their court as the ball is being served.

D. Any serve striking the ceiling, or floor is a side-out. NOTE: We will allow the “let serve” in all leagues this season.

E. The server must wait for the referee's whistle to begin the serve.

F. Rotation occurs after a team regains the serve. The team shall rotate all players one position clockwise with the Right/Back position serving.

G. Using a finger-tip set to receive the serve is LEGAL as long as you don’t lift or redirect the ball. Double contact of the serve is allowed.

H. Co-Rec Teams and Women's Recreational Division Teams must serve the ball underhand. (All Players)

I. Co-Rec players must be in alternating order at the time of serve. (M-F-M-F-M-F)

J. After the ball is served, players may go to any spot.

K. Co-Rec team begins with five players, two players of the same sex will be next to each other.

9. Playing the Ball:

A. A team is allowed three successive contacts with the ball in order to return the ball to the opponent's area. An individual cannot contact the ball twice in succession, unless the first contact is a block or attempted block.

B. The ball may be hit with any part of the body provided there are not multiple contacts and the ball rebounds immediately and clearly after contact. Exception: A player may have multiple contacts with the ball during blocking or during an attempt to make the first hit on a hard-driven spike or hard driven serve. The ball may strike a player below the waist as long as the contact is not intentional and there are not multiple contacts.

C. Holding, catching, lifting, throwing, and pushing are illegal hits. Using an open hand to contact the ball in an underhand motion is usually a lift or carry.

D. Note Co-Rec Rule: When the ball is played more than once per team, one of these plays (hits) must be made by a female player. A female player must contact the ball if there is more than one hit on a side in Co-Rec play.

E. Co-Rec Teams may not spike the ball at any time. A spiked ball is a ball that is forcibly hit from above the height of the net!

10. Back-Row Play:

A. Back-Row players while positioned behind the ten-foot line may contact the ball from above or below the net and direct it into the opponent's court.

B. Back-Row player may not spike the ball above the net and direct it into the opponent's court in front of the ten-foot line.

C. Back-Row players may not block or attempt to block the ball.

D. ANY contact above the net is EITHER a block or attack / spike.

11. Blocking:

A. Blocking is action close to the net (usually 3 feet or less) which intercepts the ball coming from the opponent's side by contacting the ball before, as, or immediately after it has crossed the net. A ball may be legally blocked after the attacking team has, in the referee's judgement:

1. hit the ball the third time.

2. given up play.

3. attempted to direct the ball into the opposing court.

B. A player may reach over the net, but not touch the net during a block or a follow-through after a spike.

12. Replays: The ball is dead and a replay occurs when:

A. A double foul occurs on players of opposing teams.

B. The referee stops play with the whistle due to an injury or equipment on the court.

14. Injuries:

If a player is injured and cannot continue to play, a substitute may enter in their position. If another player has to leave to take injured person to a healthcare facility and in doing so reduces their roster below 4 players, the match will be forfeited.

13. Misconduct:

Derogatory or unsportsmanlike remarks or actions by a player or coach to the officials or opponents will not be tolerated. Warnings are not given and ejection from the game will be immediate.