Facility Rules and Policies

Member ID or purchase of daily pass is required for entry.

Age 14 years and above must provide a photo ID and proof of age to purchase a daily pass.

Solicitation of any kind is prohibited. Advertising services, requesting personal information or funds from other members is not allowed.

Lockers are for daily use only. Items can not be locked and stored overnight.

FORUM FITNESS CENTER is an ALL GENDER facility. Please use enclosed dressing areas for changing and remain covered in open areas, steam room, and sauna.

All members and daily guests using the facility will have their information entered into our membership system and their picture will be taken. 

The FORUM FITNESS CENTER reserves the right to suspend or cancel a membership or guest member if their conduct is judged to be in conflict with the welfare of other members or staff.

The FORUM FITNESS CENTER is a smoke-free, vape free facility in and around it's property.

The FORUM FITNESS CENTER does not allow cell phone or camera photos to be taken in any locker room, restroom, or fitness activity area.

FORUM FITNESS CENTER is not responsible for personal property lost or stolen while using FORUM FITNESS CENTER facilities or on FORUM FITNESS CENTER premises.

The FORUM FITNESS CENTER does not provide accident insurance for members or program participants. Each person participates at his/her own risk.

Areas of the FORUM FITNESS CENTER facility may be reserved use and limited to members. 

Food and sports drinks are not allowed in locker rooms, gymnasium, or fitness areas. Water bottles are the exception.

We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, American Express and personal checks as forms of payment.

A convenience for of 2.75% will be applied when using a credit /debit card for payment.

The FORUM FITNESS CENTER does NOT issue any type of membership refund.

Membership fees are NOT contingent upon facility usage.

There is a $3 charge for replacement scan cards.

Daily Pass policies and usage subject to change at any time.

FORUM FITNESS CENTER assumes no responsibility for injuries or illnesses which are sustained as a result of your physical condition or resulting from your participation in any athletic activities, sports programs, the use of any equipment, exercise, or any other activities or programs.  

Facility user's assume the risk for any and all injuries and illnesses. FORUM FITNESS CENTER, its' agents, servants, and employees are released and discharged from any and all claims for injury, illnesses, death, loss, or damage which user's may suffer as a result of participation. 

FORUM FITNESS CENTER has permission to use, without limitation or obligation, photographs, film footage, or tape recordings, which may include your image or voice for purposes of promoting FORUM FITNESS CENTER.

The FORUM FITNESS CENTER does NOT carry accident insurance on its members or participants. All expenses incurred in the treatment of injuries due to accidents or participation will be the responsibility of the participant and his/her own insurance company.

Shirts, shorts/pants and closed-toed shoes are required during exercise in the workout areas and basketball courts. Shoes must be worn in all common areas, such as hallways. 

No cut-out tank tops, exposing chest for males or short cropped sports bra/tops, exposing mid-section for females. Bottom of athletic top must meet the top of pants. Shorts must cover entire rear in all movable situations. 

All clothing must be worn appropriately. Members and guests who do not follow attire guidelines may be asked to change.

FORUM FITNESS CENTER is not responsible for the actions of its staff members during periods when the staff is not performing duties specifically for the FORUM FITNESS CENTER.

Along with its privileges, members and guests agree to abide by the rules, regulations and policies of the FORUM FITNESS CENTER. 

Inappropriate language and behavior do not reflect FORUM FITNESS CENTER philosophy will not be tolerated. 

Please treat fellow members and staff with honesty, caring, and respect. Inappropriate or offensive language, behavior or attire is cause for suspension from the use of FORUM FITNESS CENTER facility. Please report such behavior to a staff person immediately.