Rantoul Airport & the Rantoul Aviation Event Center

Airport Operations and Services

The Village of Rantoul maintains the airport, provides aircraft maintenance, and manages the t-hangars and full-service FBO.

*Pilot Controlled Lighting (UNICOM) - 123.0 *Runway 9-27: 5,000' x 75'
*AWOS - 119.025 *Runway 18-36: 4,894' x 75'
*Clearance Delivery (Champaign Approach) - (217) 355-4071 *Runways 9 & 36: Right Traffic
*Departure Noise Abatement - Climb to 500' AGL before turning *Traffic Pattern Altitude: 1,700' MSL or 1,000' AGL

Full-Service Fixed Base Operator

Open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

FBO Office: (217) 979-2479
Airport Manager Office: (217) 892-6896
After-hours contact: (217) 979-2479
Fax: (217) 892-6899

Fuel Prices  

100 LL - $4.85 
Jet A - $3.85 (Prist available)

Hangar Rent per Month

Main FBO Hangar (heated) - by airplane SF
T-Hangar (Click for description) - $200

*Available 24 hours - Call for coordination *Free WiFi
*Professional Line Service *Courtesy Car
*Pilot Lounge and Computer Available *A&P Maintenance $65/hr

Airport Business Marketing Information
Why Rantoul is the Best Choice for UAS Operations

Aeronautical Information
Overhead photo of Rantoul Airport

Special Event and Filmmaker Information
The Rantoul Airport has expansive ramp areas which provide ample parking for any event. Autocross, drivers training, Boy Scout Jamborees, and many other events occur every year. All vendors at events must receive a Transient Merchant License from the Rantoul Police Department (application below). The airport, founded on the former Chanute Air Force Base, also offers a very unique location for filmmakers. Please contact the Airport Manager to discuss your event.