Residential Registration & Rental Inspection

Department Overview

We work to improve accountability of all residential housing within the Village of Rantoul, by upholding property standards specifically designed to upgrade residential property.

Through this program, the Village of Rantoul, Requires Registration of All Residential Properties, which includes: 

All single-family, multi-family, duplexes, condos, townhouses, mobile homes, and properties where the owner still resides such as duplexes.

Register Your Residential Property

Registration is simply completing the appropriate form to verify the use of your residential property.

Rental Properties

Any residential property used as a rental property must be registered into the Rental Registration Program by completing the application and scheduling an inspection prior to the tenant moving in. After the initial inspection, rental units are inspected every 3 years and must be registered annually (May 1 thru April 30) to comply with village Ordinance Section 10-407 - 10-449.

To register and renew a rental property, please complete one of the following forms:

Additional Resources

Tenant Inspection Requests

Residential Inspections can be requested by a tenant needing assistance with any life safety issues which have not been addressed by their Landlord.  Please be sure to reach out to your Landlord prior to making a rental inspection request,

Owner Occupied

For a personal residence where the owner resides, an Owner-Occupied Exemption Form must be completed.  If a property is being purchased "On Contract" a Contract for Sale Form must be completed.  This process helps identify the current use of the property.

Vacant Properties

For a property in transition, i.e., refurbished, foreclosure, preparing for sale, vacant, etc. complete the following form: