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Consent Form for Rental Inspections

  1. Division of Rental Inspections
    333 S. Tanner St. Room 402 Rantoul, IL 61866 Ph: (217) 892-6501 ext. 6804
  2. Give this form to the inspector on the day of your inspection. Without this consent form, an inspection will not take place. A re-inspection fee of $100 will apply.
  3. The Village of Rantoul has initiated a life safety and property maintenance program for all rentals. Items for inspection include, but are not limited to, exterior and interior building maintenance, electrical, plumbing, heating / ventilation, and life safety codes.
  4. The Village of Rantoul requires that tenants provide written consent before an inspection can take place. This consent will apply to the first inspection and all follow-up inspections
  5. Tenants / owners have the right to refuse an inspection / re-inspection. If an inspection is refused, an administrative search warrant will be obtained from the courts. No inspection or re-inspection will take place unless this form is completed by all tenants or a search warrant has been obtained. Failure to comply can result in re-inspection fees.
  6. Tenant may revoke their consent by notification in writing to: Rental Inspection Division, Village of Rantoul, 333 S. Tanner St., Rantoul, IL 61866
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  17. Attach another form, if necessary.
  18. Tenant Verification
    Owner / agent verifies that these are the current legal tenants / lessees in this unit / building.
  19. Pet Notice
    If tenant(s) has dogs, cats, or other pets that run freely in the home or outside, please list type of pet(s) and advise tenant that they must be present at the time of inspection or they must have the pet tied up or caged for safety reasons. Please remember that if an inspector cannot make an inspection, the landlord / owner will be required to pay $100 for a re-inspection. The inspector must be able to have access to all parts of the building and property.
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