Water Treatment Division

Division Overview

The Mission of the Water Division is to provide safe drinking water throughout the Village of Rantoul. Our water is supplied by a water distribution system which complies with all applicable state and federal standards. The Water Division also manages the operation of the Water Treatment Plant.

In addition to providing drinking water, the Water Division also maintains fire hydrants throughout the village. This fire protection system contributes to the safety and welfare of the community and its property. It is supported by a substantial reserve of water.

Compliance Drinking Water Reports

IEPA Website for PFAS Information

October 2022 PFAS Memo

Water Quality Report

Lead and Copper Sampling Maps
The following maps show the locations and results of lead and copper testing throughout the village.

Hydrant Meter Rental Policy
Contractors that need large quantities of water for their required jobs can rent a hydrant meter from the Village. A $200 refundable deposit is required to rent these meters. Additional charges include a water charge of $5.00/1,000 gallons (difference between beginning and end readings) and a $7.50/day rental fee from the date of rental to the date returned.

Hydrant Rental Agreement