Storm Drainage

Improvements to the Stormwater System

In 2001, the village implemented a village-wide storm drainage fee to fund maintenance and improvements to the stormwater system. The Storm Drainage Fund provides funding (approximately 38% of the budget) for the maintenance and repair of the existing storm sewer systems as well as village’s street sweeping and leaf pickup programs. The remaining funds are used for stormwater project-related expenses and the repayment of stormwater bonds. View a list of stormwater terminology.

Completed Projects

  • Maplewood Drive and Clark Street Improvement - This project alleviated flooding at the intersection of Maplewood Drive and Clark Street. It included the construction of a new 42" and 48” storm sewer system located along the north side of the Fisher Farmer Railroad tracks extending east approximately 1,100 feet to the drainage ditch. This project was completed in 2001 at an approximate cost of $299,000.
  • Maplewood Detention Pond - This was the first major stormwater improvement to be funded by the Storm Drainage Fee. Funding was provided to purchase the property where the pond is located as well as the construction of the pond. Jointly constructed by the village and the Air Force, this project was completed in August 2003, and expended approximately $644,000 in stormwater funding.
  • Sangamon to Wabash Storm Sewer - Completed in the summer of 2007, was the construction of the Sangamon to Wabash Storm Sewer at a cost of $1,923,000. The project began at the intersection of Sangamon Avenue and Tanner Street and entered the west end of the detention pond at West Avenue. It consisted of new pipes ranging in size from 24” to 48”. It has alleviated the flooding along Wabash Avenue, Lincoln Street, Sangamon Avenue, and Garrard Street.
  • Prairie View and Shady Lawn Upgrade - This project diverted stormwater from the Prairie View subdivision to the Maplewood Detention Pond. This project was completed in 2004. Total construction costs for this project were approximately $347,000.
  • Eater Drive Upgrade - This project diverted stormwater from the Eater Drive and Harper Drive Intersection to the Maplewood Detention Pond. This project was completed in late 2004 at a total cost of approximately $245,000.  
  • Lon Drive and Gates Drive - Constructed in 2006, this project alleviated flooding along Lon Drive This project consisted of approximately 700 feet of new 30” storm sewer along Lon Drive beginning at the new Gates and Lon Intersection extending north U.S. 136 and an extension of a 48” storm sewer at Carolina Drive. The approximate cost of the storm sewer work was $123,000.
  • Gleason Drive Area - This project reduced roadway flooding by improving the driving surface and providing curb and gutter, structures, storm sewer collection pipe, as well as underground storage in the Gates Drive, Gleason Drive, Carolina Drive, Eater Drive and Harper Drive areas.  This project was completed in the Summer of 2012, costing $1,100,000.
  • Northwest Outfall ($1,540,000) - The project constructed in 2016 included the construction of a new storm sewer from just south of the Canadian National railroad to the Northwest pump station.  This work provided improved storm water flow for the Northwest portion of the community by replacing a 24” storm sewer and disconnecting from an existing parallel field tile.
  • Broadmeadow Subdivision ($1,333,000) – This project started in 2016 provides for stormwater improvement and street rehabilitation of Broadmeadow Rd from Malsbury to James Road, Broadmeadow  Rd to Quinlan Place Pond, and then along James Road.    This project provided for the construction of approximately 3330 Lf of new storm sewer ranging in size from 12” to 36” diameter along with additional drainage structures.  
  • Rudzinski Pond ($235,000) This project started in 2016 will remove approximately 4000 cyd of accumulated sediment from the pond, repair existing culverts and outfall structures and regrade the banks of the pond.
  • North Murray Road Stormwater Improvements ($224,000) - This project routed the runoff gathered by the U.S. 136 and Murray Road storm sewer and diverted from the low point on Murray road to I-57 via a 24 inch storm sewer. This helps reduce downstream flooding along Murray Road.  Day Drainage installed field tile from the outlet structure to Indian Hills.  Flooding has decreased across the field and across Murray Road.
  • Sports Complex Basin & Outlet Structure - Rantoul constructed a detention basin for the Sports Complex along with a 1/2 mile long 42" storm sewer to serve the outlet.
  • Northview Basin - Construction of the Northview Basin was completed in October 2021.  All roof drains have been disconnected, and flooding has decreased.

Future Stormwater Drainage Projects

Projects are prioritized based on funding constraints as well as addressing those areas that have historically had the greatest adverse effects on the public and private property.

  • South Murray Road - Several flooding problems are identified in the area adjacent to Murray Road and U.S. Route 136. These problems are caused by drainage tile that discharge the storm runoff generated by this area. The primary problem is that capacity of the drainage tile is less than the storm runoff generated by the contributing area. The solution to this problem is to install a new storm sewer system that operates in parallel with the existing field tile. Currently, this area requires a 42” diameter storm sewer to discharge the runoff generated by the contributing area. This storm sewer would capture the runoff from the Broadmeadow and Roessler Meadow Subdivision and transport it south to a proposed detention pond before final release to a ditch along the rail road tracks. The estimated cost of this improvement is $600,000. The scope of this project may change based on development in this area.
  • Chandler Road Drainage ($230,000 - $510,000) - Several improvements are necessary to reduce flooding in the Southeast Corner of the Chandler / U.S. 45 Intersection.
  • Illinois Circle and Briarcliff ($400,000) - Homes were demoed in the summer of 2021.  The next steps are to create a detention basin on site.

Long Range Stormwater Projects

Beyond the above mentioned projects, the village has identified other projects in the community that require stormwater improvements. These projects were identified in the 1999 stormwater study completed by Sodemann and Associates. They include:
  • Grove Avenue and Baermann Drive Flooding ($150,000)
  • Southpointe Storm Sewer Improvements ($250,000)
  • Eagle Drive / Heritage Drive Relief Sewer and System Outfall Relief ($2,250,000).
  • Commander’s Subdivision and Airfield Relief Systems ($1,250,000)
  • Golfview Road and Perimeter Road Storm Sewer ($400,000)
  • Pinecrest Area Detention ($500,000)