Non-Highway Vehicle Permit

Per the Village of Rantoul Code of Ordinances Chapter 38, Article XIII, "Neighborhood Vehicles" are allowed on Village roads as long as they meet the proper requirements. For a copy of the Ordinance and to view the requirements, see the attached documents below.

The Village Clerk is responsible for issuing the Non-Highway Vehicle Permit for Neighborhood Vehicles that will be driven on Village roadways. Neighborhood Vehicles are subject to many of the same requirements as passenger vehicles under the Illinois Vehicle Code, including the requirement of liability insurance and licensed operators. Inspection of the Neighborhood Vehicle is required by a Certified Mechanic of your choice to assure that the vehicle is properly equipped, and that all equipment is in operational condition. The required documents for registering your Neighborhood Vehicle with the Village are located below. Be certain to read each document in its entirety, and when you are ready to register your vehicle, return these to the Office of the Village Clerk located in Village Hall. 

Village issued Non-Highway Vehicle Permits are valid only for Village streets, with the following exemptions:

  • Any street which has a posted speed limit in excess of thirty-five (35) miles per hour
  • On the following roadways, except to make a direct crossing of the prohibited roadway at an intersection controlled by either four-way stop signs or a traffic control signal light:
    • U.S. Route 45
    • U.S. Route 136
    • Highways, streets, and roads under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation, or the Champaign County Highway Department

Anyone operating a Neighborhood Vehicle must possess a valid driver's license, they must obey all traffic laws of the State of Illinois, and they must also have a valid Non-Highway Vehicle Permit issued by the Village of Rantoul. Your help and cooperation is appreciated. As always, we are dedicated to the citizens of the Village of Rantoul!