Crime Free Housing Seminar

The crime free housing ordinance requires an owner or agent to complete a 4-hour crime free housing training seminar before January 1, 2019. This training is provided at no cost by the Rantoul Police Department. In an effort to provide an opportunity to attend the seminar with the least amount of difficulty, we are offering the following training sessions.

The following dates are the remaining dates in 2018 that the Rantoul Police Department will hold the Crime Free Housing Seminar for landlords. You will need to register and complete this training to be in compliance with the Village’s Crime Free Housing ordinance that becomes effective January 1, 2019.

There are currently no seminars scheduled for 2020. Check back for more information.

Click This Link to Register

We encourage you to click the link above and register for a seminar. Space is limited and we anticipate seminars filling quickly.