Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Information Requests

Requests for agendas, minutes, audio and video tapes, and other documents can be made to the village under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

Request & Procedures

All requests for public records must be in writing and forwarded to the Village Clerk’s Office for review and processing. It is helpful, but not necessary, to submit the request on a FOIA Request Form.

Requests for police documents should be forwarded to the Police Department using the Rantoul Police Department Request Form.


Fees are based on Illinois State Statues.
Document Type Fee
Audio tapes $5.00 each
Compact discs $5.00 each
Copies from microfilm $1.00 per page
Paper documents The first 50 pages of any request are free. Additional pages are $0.15 per page.

Policy & Directory

The Village Board of Trustees adopted a FOIA policy outlining procedures for review, processing, and responding to FOIA requests.

For information on the types of documents available, please review the Village of Rantoul FOIA directory.

Annual Reports

The village is required to prepare an annual report showing the types of FOIA requests made, the number approved or disapproved, and the average response time.

Appeal of Denied FOIA Requests

An appeal may be submitted to the public access counselor to review denial of your FOIA requests to the village. Please contact the public access counselor at the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.