4U Rantoul Initiative

The Rantoul Police Department has developed the 4U Rantoul Initiative which is committed to providing crisis intervention, advocacy, community outreach and social service assistance to the community.

The goal is to reduce citizen involvement in the criminal justice system, assisting victims of crime, helping those in need and ultimately improving the quality of live in our community. The four pillars of the program are crisis intervention, advocacy, social service assistance, and community outreach. The 4U Rantoul Initiative is overseen by Sergeant Christina Reifsteck and when fully staffed will have 2 social workers.

Citizen's Police Academy

Enrollment for the Spring 2022 Citizen Police Academy will be coming soon. 

Rantoul residents interested in getting an inside look at how local law enforcement works are invited to participate in the Champaign County Citizen Police Academy.

The academy, which meets Thursday nights from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. for 10 weeks beginning April 4th, 2021. It will cover crime prevention, community based policing, drugs, gangs, DUI enforcement, citizen-police contacts, use of force, firearms orientation, crime scene investigation, a tour of the Champaign County Jail, and a patrol ride-along with your local department. The meetings are held at the Police Training Institute located at 1004 S. Fourth Street, Champaign, and other local sites.

Starting its 33rd session, the academy strives to help local residents better understand police work. In addition, the police agencies involved in the academy seek feedback from participants about law-enforcement issues.

For more information or to enroll in the program, contact Chief Brown at 893-5605 or email at

Medicine Collection Program

Rantoul residents have an opportunity to safely dispose of their unwanted or expired medications Monday through Friday from 7am-5pm. The Police Department collects and properly disposes of pharmaceuticals to help reduce accidental poisonings of children and pets, prevent drug diversion and abuse, and limit environmental impacts.

Residents may drop off their medications in the collection box in the lobby of the Rantoul Police Department.

The program accepts prescription and over-the-counter medicines, liquid medication in leak-proof containers and veterinary pharmaceuticals. The program will not accept illicit drugs, syringes, needles, thermometers, or bloody and infectious waste.

Any drugs that are collected are incinerated, which is the environmentally preferred disposal method.

For more information about the program call the Police Department at: 217-893-2103.

Community Night Out

Community Night Out is an annual event held on the third Wednesday in September. 

On this day, the Village encourages its residents to come together in their neighborhood to socialize with each other and representatives of Village offices. 

The Rantoul Police Department and the Rantoul Fire Department have been active participants in Community Night Out since its inception many years ago and look forward to working with the community each year to enjoy each neighborhood's festivities.

Security Camera Registration

We believe that working with the community to expand the use of existing technologies will assist in increasing public safety in Rantoul. The Rantoul Police Department has created a private security camera registration program that is designed to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the Rantoul Police Department and the residents and businesses of the Village of Rantoul.

On this website, citizens and business owners can register their EXTERNAL security camera locations, system details and submit their contact information. If a serious crime is committed in the view of a privately owned security camera, Rantoul Police Department will search the registration data for nearby cameras and may contact the owner with a request for camera footage. Having this information readily available will allow the Officers to investigate crimes more efficiently.

The registration process takes less than a minute and asks for;

• You to read the Disclaimer and Terms of Use located here

• The name and address of your location

• Contact information for the owner or operator of the camera system

• Details regarding your external security camera system

To proceed to the registration portal, you can click on the following link:

Private Security Camera Registration


The Rantoul Police Department will keep information provided by the registrant confidential and not disclose that information to third parties except as reasonably necessary to fulfill lawful responsibility or in accordance with law enforcement practices.