Foreign Trade Zone

The Rantoul Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Informational Page

Rantoul's general purpose Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), a subzone of the Peoria-based FTZ 114, offers the importation, manufacturing, assembling, or re-exportation of products with lowered duties. Duties on foreign goods intended for domestic consumption are levied only at the time the goods are removed from the zone and only on quantities actually removed. An operation based within this FTZ means assembly cost savings, cost avoidance, and more effective cash flow. The facilities available at the RNAC are perfect for any number of different uses and can be modified to fit additional needs.
An FTZ is an area designated by the US Department of Commerce and the US Customs and Border Protection as a location "where companies can use special procedures that help encourage US activity and value added - in competition with foreign alternatives - by allowing delayed or reduced duty payments on foreign merchandise, as well as other savings." Rantoul's FTZ was established in 2009 and is located on the former Chanute Air Force Base.
Additional information can be found on Peoria's FTZ website along with a thorough explanation of what an FTZ is.

What the Rantoul FTZ Can Offer Your Business

The benefits of locating a business within this FTZ include:
  • Better Cash Flow - Duties are paid at the same time sale proceeds are available
  • Cost Avoidance - Businesses do not have to pay duties on defective or broken items, waste or shrinkage
  • Manufacturing Savings - Product made within an FTZ has advantage over foreign produced comparable products
  • Logistical Advantage - Efficient customs procedures
  • Fully Capable Airport - Located adjacent to a fully operational airport
  • Staff standing ready to assist your organization explore the benefits and process of utilizing the Rantoul FTZ

Find out what the benefits are to your organization by using this

FTZ Savings Calculator

courtesy of the Rockefeller Group.

The subzone includes 395 acres bounded by Veterans Parkway, Century Boulevard, Chandler Road, and the Rantoul airport. Highway 57, which travels north-south from Chicago to Memphis, is only two miles from the airport and offers desirable access to the major shipping arteries of the US. Highway 74 provides east-west access to St Louis and Indianapolis and is conveniently only 12 miles to the south of the airport.

Buildings within the FTZ include: