Available Land

Below you can find a list of land available within the Village of Rantoul. Additional information including a description of the property and a map accompanies each tract of land. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like additional information.

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Land Near I-57 Exit:

Land Available near I-57 exitICSC Postcard Front-01-01.png

Available Land Throughout Village:

  • Century Gateway
  • Engle Industrial Site
  • Freese Commercial Site
  • Hospitality Site East
  • Hospitality Site West
  • Ingleman Commercial Site
  • Ingleman Industrial Site
  • Koelbl Industrial Site

  • Murray Residential Site
  • Rantoul Business Center West
  • Roessler Residential Site
  • Route 136 Industrial Site
  • Warner Commercial Sites
  • Warner Residential Site
  • Westside Industrial Park

900 Area Gateway_thumb.png Located on the old Chanute Air Force Base, the Century Gateway consists of 90 Acres of land available for development. The land has great access to highways and is located near an airport but is largely unaffected by height restrictions (150' maximum structure height). Compatible land uses could be an industrial or research park, warehouses, or manufacturing center. Found within the Rantoul Foreign Trade Zone.

Picture1_thumb.jpg 3.8 Acres of green space and vacant parking lot off Veterans Parkway. Parking lot has a driveway off of Cook Street. Building 720 is located adjacent to this lot and is also available for sale/lease. Currently zoned CR-2 and located within the Rantoul Foreign Trade Zone.
6.37 Acre vacant lot off Wheat Avenue. Former site of a trailer park.